Our Services & Fees

Our professional advisory services are highly customized to capture your vision and preferred travel style. During the discover process, Samantha truly enjoys the opportunity to get to know you and learn about your dream vacation. After uncovering all the details including special requests, budget range, and what would make this a “wow” vacation, Murphy Travel Designs will charge a consulting fee to initiate the design phase.

We will collaborate to develop a plan of action that maximizes the value of your time and your money. Our services range from hotel booking and research, to unique immersive experiences.

  • Hotel Bookings

    Our clients deserve special treatment in every hotel stay. Murphy Travel Designs is pleased to provide complimentary hotel-only bookings with our preferred partners when the hotel is specified.

    If you love amenities but prefer the ease and freedom of making your own reservations for simple hotel-only bookings, we are happy to offer our quick, convenient “Book Online” feature for Virtuoso hotels.

    The fee for hotel booking at non-partner hotels is $50.

  • Hotel Research

    Know your destination, but not sure where to stay? The fee for hotel research and booking is $150. We typically provide two to three options that best match your vision.

  • Cruise Research

    You know what part of the world you want to explore, but not sure how? The fee for cruise research and booking is $200. We typically provide two to three options that best match your vision.

  • Trip Design

    We make your dream vacation come to life. The fee for full trip planning (up to 7 days and up to 4 people) is $300. For longer or larger trips, the incremental fee is $50 per person per week.

  • Airfare

    We work with Brownell Travel’s Air Desk to assist with flights.  They charge ticketing fees which depend upon several factors, please ask us for details.

  • Concierge Services

    We are pleased to provide additional concierge services on a customized basis, please ask us for details.

    We are always here to answer any questions regarding our services and fees. We look forward to building a relationship with you, and the opportunity to help you celebrate life through travel.