Travel Biography

With a spirit of adventure, Sam loves to explore the world to spark your dreams to discover more. Every trip holds special memories, but some of her favorite experiences include:

Loving everything that is Italian!

Biking the countryside of Rome, reveling in the flavors of Florence on a foodie tour and exploring the breathtaking views of the Amalfi coast. Tip: Don’t rush and try to check off a list of places. Every city has so much for your senses – give yourself time to discover!

Discovering the geological wonders of New Zealand!

Exploring countless volcanic islands, the geothermal city of Rotorua (it’s like another planet!), the Waitomo glowworm caves, and a countryside straight out of fairy tale. Tip: Don’t miss the amazing chefs and restaurant that also make NZ a haven for foodies.

Immersing herself in the Chinese culture.

Hiking a remote section of the Great Wall, eating at the night market (who wants a fried scorpion on a stick?), and sharing tea with her guide’s grandma in the Hutong. Tip: Work with a private guide for an intimate and authentic experience.

Fulfilling a tennis player’s dream of attending Wimbledon.

The iconic feeling of passing through the ivy gates, sharing in an English tradition, sitting close enough to touch the grass and enjoying strawberries and cream paired with a Pimm’s cocktail. Tip: Plan to attend early in the tournament for the best seats and fewest crowds.

Sam is always looking ahead to your next adventure! Check out the map for a quick overview of her travel biography.


  Rome, Italy

  Florance, Italy

  Amalfi Coast, Italy

  London, England

  Copenhagen, Denmark

  Berlin, Germany

  Paris, France


  Prauge, Czech Republic



  Vienna, Austria

  Warsaw, Poland


Rest of the World

  Ambergis Caye, Belize

  Cabo, Mexico

  Cancun, Mexico

  North Island, New Zealand

  Puerto Rico

  Beijing, China

  Shanghai, China

  Calgary, Canada

  Nassau, Bahamas

United States

  Scottsdale, AZ

  Los Angeles, CA

  San Fransisco, CA

  Portland, OR

  Seattle, WA

  Chicago, IL

  Minneapolis. MN

  Destin, FL

  Orlando, FL

  Miami, FL

  New York City, NY

  Denver, CO

  Austin, TX

  Santa Fe, NM

  Atlanta, GA

  Las Vegas, NV

  Maui, HI

  Kaui, HI

  Oahu, HI